099“El Paraíso” (The Paradise) is a different kind of guest house. It’s the place where the day starts with a smile and the song of sparrows. In El Paraíso, the sun illuminates with peculiar warmth. The people who live there have a native sense of hospitality, as if they had been born to serve those who come here looking for a haven of peace.

After a long journey, it is very gratifying to see that accommodation is beyond your expectations. The two rooms available at El Paraíso allow for real rest. Breakfast is also promising. It is served at daylight, but under the shadow of a mamoncillo tree.

104The always young Mateo and Marbelis will serve you as someone coming from far away. They will provide you with the best rooms of their house, and with the most exquisite delicacies, as well. They will be discreetly attentive and close, so that your cravings can be satisfied.

Mateo understands Italian and commonly used English words, but he realizes that his language skills must be improved. Nevertheless, communication with his guests has always been fluent, with the necessary words for mutual understanding.

When you come to visit Trinidad, you will prefer to stay where history is most ancient. That will be in this part of the city, where streets are still stone-paved, like in old times, and the houses are made of adobe, and have clay tile roofs.

We wait for you in The Paradise of Trinidad.